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  1. Original script is imperative. The thoughts and ideas could be common, but the writing has to be of the blogger himself. Copy-Paste from any other medium is a strict 'No'.
  2. The passage should strictly evolve around the subject matter and should not make unnecessary deviations whatsoever.
  3. The length of the passage should be just enough to explain your view point and similarly not too big to turn your audience away. However, there is no capping on the length as yet.
  4. On submission of your passage to for publishing on the website, the material would be exclusive property of the website only. However, we would not be liable to any controversies arising out of the views expressed in it. It shall be a sole responsibility of the script writer only.
  5. Currently, the writer is not eligible for any monetary benefits that may be generated from his passage or the website as whole.
  6. The blog space available on allows you to post and share certain information or text or graphics (images or videos) or other content. You are the solely responsible person for the ownership rights of such material. Any issues arising out of copyright infringement of such material shall not be responsibility of and all claims, whatsoever, would solely be borne by the writer only.
  7. On our website, there are/may contain links to external websites. We have no control over the contents of such links and claim no responsibility for any controversies arising out of such links.
  8. ‚ÄéKindly provide credits to the original book/author/publisher for their quotes utilized in your passage.
  9. We at reserve the rights, at our sole discretion, to modify, replace and delete any or all of these Terms at any time. We shall inform the writer from time to time of such changes.

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