Trust Editorial Welcome to Chaukalshi's digital world

Kunal Raut 1359

Hello! to all the Chaukalshi Vadval community members. We now own an official space into the wide spread digital world. Isn't that exciting?

I believe that all the answers to above question are in affirmation. However, there are possibilities of few 'demons and devils' to wander in few minds. A skeptical mind may question the need for such a website. Another might object to the data content displayed, while few might raise concern's over cyber security. The sanity of our team had been under scrutiny too. To all such valid thoughts, I would like to only say that; together we can overcome the obstacles, and achieve a common goal that of uplifting the whole community, by the fruitful utilisation of digital technology available currently to everyone; elder or younger.

I request you to go through the below numbers:

  • Total registered members: above 4.5k
  • Total blog posted: over 25
  • Total bloggers: about 10
  • Total video blogs: around 30
  • Traffic from countries: nearing 50
  • YouTube subscription: almost 300

The numbers might not tickle the excitement for some, but the important part lies in the beginning. And certainly the start, as expected, has been steady and we shall march together in right direction to achieve the noble cause.

Since the day this website was publicly launched, the response from within & outside has been tremendous. We were humbled by the reactions of some who desired to join us and contribute in whichever available role. You would be astonished to know that, to commemorate the successful launch of our website poems and passages were written in some WhatsApp groups. A young girl who has settled overseas, came forward and chipped-in with few breakthrough ideas. Few elders thanked us for connecting them together in a digital network. Some of them merrily savoured the information of there native place in 'Villages' section, while others were happy to learn about our traditions in the 'Culture & Tradition' section. The 'Famous People' section inspired everyone as we all felt proud of the achievements of our fellow community member. The international medalist karate girl and the open heart surgeon forms this exclusive list. The social media share button (WhatsApp/Facebook) available on several pages of the website enabled the viewers to share the information with there near and dear ones thereby generating a global reach to the content of this website.

A peep into future.

Today we live in a world where 'Time' is the least available thing to all of us. On a normal day, we are busy spending maximum hours performing our professional services. Family needs time for bonding together. Also, the time is required for various activities like travel, family get-together, physical needs etc. Unknowingly, the social causes that we always think to perform are at the bottom of the priority list. Since social sciences define humans beings as 'social animals', we need to invest quality time & energy in development of such social skills that would benefit the entire society.

In digital technology & social media, we saw an opportunity to allot few hours from our extremely busy schedule and contribute for the common cause. We invested our time & energy to gain valuable knowledge about latest technology, current social trends, team building, process flows, performance charts and many such group activities. The investment certainly has reaped rewards till now as our community has embraced us gleefully & we shall implement various social plans in the near future.

I request each individual to stay connected with us & contribute some part of their valuable time. I also urge you to put forward your ideas & plans that we may implement together for uplifting the community as whole.

Swami Vivekananda once said 'I need 100 individuals who can commit themselves to change the fate of this nation'. We may not be able to churn the change to that extent, however, a small step will definitely lead us in the right direction.

Come join!

Kunal Raut digital team